Ferntree Gully Fire Brigade

Supporting your Community since 1942



Supporting your Community since 1942

Brigade Crest

Adopted by the Ferntree Gully Fire Brigade in 1961, the crest features the urban fire fighter’s basic equipment: the hydrant and delivery hose.

Two hose lines, coupled to the hydrant and rising in seperate arcs, meet incrossed hose branches to form a circle which is surmounted by a brass helmet – the fire fighter’s traditional symbol of protection. The hose is inscribed: “Victorian Urban Fire Brigade”, denoting the Brigade’s classification within the structure of the Country Fire Authority.

The circle formed by the hose lines encloses a triangle – the geometric figure customarily used to illustrate the three elements that sustain fire: heat, fuel and oxygen.

The triangle is bisected by a vertical radio antenna, indicating the key role of fire service communications in co-ordinating the Brigade’s fire-fighting operations. To the left of the antenna, a house represents the urban fire district protected by the Brigade, and to its right a naked flame suggests the threat that the fire poses to the community.

Rising out in arcs from the barrel of the hydrant, two fronds of tree fern identify the Brigade with the name of the community it serves.

Beneath the Crest a scroll bears the legend:

“Ferntree Gully – Established 1942”

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